I recently tried my hand at making some ACEO art. For those who aren’t familiar with them, ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. They are essentially miniature works of art, and can be in any 2D medium, e.g. painting, drawing, photograph. They can also be originals or prints, but to qualify as an ACEO they must be 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Before ACEOs there were Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), which are still created today, and are very similar to ACEOs in terms of size and medium. The idea of ATCs is that they can only be traded or given away. Their purpose is to share art and to encourage creative exchange between artists. ACEOs were invented as a way of making these cards more available to non-artists, and also to sell rather than trade.

Last Wednesday I took part in my first art fair, and decided ACEOs would be a great way of showcasing my art to a student market. I’ll have photos from this event in my next blog post.

I ended up creating 10 different pieces, some using coloured pencils, and the rest using acrylics and black fineliner. Working on a small scale was a lot harder than I expected, especially for someone who likes detail. I slowly got the hang of it though, and had a lot of fun with them! I’d definitely recommend other artists to have a go at creating some.

Prints of each are available at my Storenvy shop here!



~ Jasmine


Donkeys painting

My newest painting is of a pair of donkeys called ‘Violet and Bluebelle.’ They are two of the donkeys that are under the wonderful care of The Flicka Foundation in Cornwall, and so this painting is dedicated to them. It is done in a similar style to my last painting of an African Painted Dog, using acrylics and fineliner on A3 cartridge paper.

The original painting is for sale on my eBay here, starting at just £0.99 with no reserve price, and with shipping available worldwide.

50% of proceeds from the sale will be donated to The Flicka Foundation.

~ Jasmine

African Painted Dog painting

A couple of days ago I painted an African Painted Dog (rather aptly named!). I decided to try a different style of painting to my usual technique, and had a go at being more loose with the brushstrokes and colours. After the layer of acrylic paint dried, I added in the details with a black fineliner. After spending so much time working on creating realistic art, it felt strange and oddly refreshing – and is definitely something I’ll be doing more of!


You can buy prints of this here.

To see how I created it, you can watch the video below.

~ Jasmine

Drawing an Otter

My newest drawing is of an oriental small-clawed otter, using Derwent coloured pencils on A3 paper. It took me about 8 hours in total.

This piece meant a lot as it was a present for my Mum – otters being her favourite animal.

One of the trickiest sections of this drawing was the whiskers. Often with graphite sketches I use a rubber to carefully add in the whiskers when they are covering over fur, although I used coloured pencils for this image, so was unable to use a rubber to the same effect. Instead I drew the outline of the whiskers, then coloured around them, which was harder than I thought it might be!


I actually filmed the process of creating this, and I’d love it if you could take the time to watch the video.


~ Jasmine

VIDA Collaboration

Today I have some very unexpected and exciting news.

Last week I received an email from VIDA inviting me to collaborate with them. VIDA is a Google Ventures-backed fashion e-commerce platform that brings together artists and apparel manufacturers from all over the world to create original, inspiring apparel in a socially conscious way. The best part is that they work with manufacturers and offer literacy programs to their factory workers, using part of the proceeds from the sales of the products.

Click here to learn more about VIDA.

I’m really excited to collaborate with VIDA, and I’m thrilled to share my collection with you. There are currently only two products up on the site, but I hope to expand on this. For the next week while they are taking pre-orders, any item that goes into production will continue to be available on my VIDA collection page.

Screenshot 2.jpg

Top 1.pngTop 2.png

As an extra enticement, VIDA is offering the coupon code 9SQ4M3YMX8FN to get 15% off my collection for one week only! Simply click here to buy any one (or more!) of these items.

~ Jasmine

Mini Paintings

So it’s been a while since I posted on here, but the last couple of months have been very busy for me – finishing my first year at university was quite the emotional rollercoaster. Now that I am on my Summer holidays, I hope to be posting a lot more updates!

Last Summer I produced a collection of miniature (12 x 16cm) canvas paintings for my teachers as Thank You presents, featuring their favourite animals. This was a project that I was really keen on, as I wanted to give them something personal that would last – rather than, say, a bottle of wine.

I enjoyed creating these so much, and they turned out so much better than I expected. They make great gifts as they are quirky and fun, but also can hold a lot of meaning.

Mini Paintings

I am now able to take commissions on these, so if you are interested in having one of your photos painted, or know someone else who might be interested – then email me at

For more information on this, feel free to visit my website:

~ Jasmine

Splash! Lion Painting

As part of my A2 Art Coursework on the theme of ‘Animals,’ I came across an award-winning conservation focused live art experience that combines art, music, and choreography, known as Splash! Animals. Based in Southern California (San Diego), Splash! Animals performs all over the United States and internationally at fundraisers, theme parks, zoos, schools and many other venues and events. The show always starts with a black canvas, and in less than 10 minutes, beautiful portraits of endangered animals are revealed.

Their art can be seen on their website and you can watch how it’s done on their YouTube account. I really enjoyed having the ability to watch them paint and build up the final piece of art, so decided to give it a go myself..

~ Jasmine